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In der Schule ankommen

Schools and children

The safe way to school

We live in uncertain times! It is our most valuable asset to protect our children. Society has a responsibility to protect children from all forms of violence! We see the future in our children and want to play an important part in it. In addition, the PnCG supports selected courses in order to actively protect kindergarten and primary school students on their way to school. In a two-hour workshop, children are instructed by experienced safety specialists realistically to foresee possible dangers and to react correctly and appropriately in dangerous situations. Your child has less stress on the way to school and gets to school safely. You are giving your child the best protection they can get in this day and age. PnCG organizes safety courses with proven safety specialists. Ask us where and when your child can take part in such a training. Use our registration form for this.

In addition, PnCG supports construction projects to improve the safety of school routes. No way is too long for us to improve the safety of children.

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