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We are all addressed

In order to be able to carry out our voluntary non-profit projects seriously and with full commitment, we need your financial support. Take heart and support a project of your choice.

There is also the possibility to join our internationally anchored organization 'International Chamber of Safety and Protection (ICSP)'.

We would be happy to talk to you about the possibilities to support our activities.

All activities of all projects and all those involved are implemented free of charge. Thousands of hours of valuable project work for the concrete implementation of seminars, workshops, security audits, advice, assistance and fundraising were done by our committed project staff with passion and great commitment. Together we can make the world a little safer!

Your commitment is also required.
Many people look the other way today when it comes to concrete actions. Understandably, many have become discouraged because of the criminal and stressful times in which we live.

Please don't look the other way and support one of our specific projects. Every project and every franc counts to make the world we live in a little safer today.

You have the following options:

  • become a member of the International Chamber of Safety and Protection (ICSP)

  • please work free of charge in one of our charitable projects

  • please support us with a monetary donation

  • please support us with a donation in kind.

Every effort counts and every effort is worth it! Together we can make the world a little safer! Thank-you!

Donation account:

Private & Confidential Group PnCG Cooperative

PostFinance AG Mingerstrasse 20 3030 Bern

IBAN: CH02 0900 0000 8904 7708 5


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