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Donation gala on April 7, 2018, from 2 p.m. in the multi-purpose hall in Neerach for single families in Switzerland

"Life is more than survival"


There are around 140,000 single mothers in Switzerland. And there are more and more. Every eighth child grows up in a "single parent family", as sociologists say. Almost every school class now has two or three children who grow up alone with their mother. Many of those affected live at the subsistence level.

This is exactly where the donation gala, organized by students from the 3rd secondary school in Stadel b. Niederglatt (ZH). Under the direction of Elena Werner, they organize a donation gala that benefits single mothers or fathers and their children.

During an aperitif, attention is briefly drawn to the struggle and fate of such families and solidarity is shown.


The great final project of the young people is supported by the SOS Foundation of the PnCG. It is ensured that the donations go directly to families in need!

Other sponsors who want to support this fundraising gala financially are welcome to register using the registration form. We would be happy to inform you.

Please register as a participant of the gala today and support needy families with one parent in Switzerland.

In the evening at 8 p.m., there will be a benefit ball afterwards

Please use the registration form on the right.

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Address donation gala:

Multi-purpose hall Neerach

Riedterstrasse 3

CH-8173 Neerach

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