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The lost street children

of the Kibera slum of Nairobi

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Kibera, which is located in the southwest of Nairobi, was formerly the largest slum in Africa. Probably over a million people live here in unworthy conditions. Every single life story of the children here is an abyss. Alcohol abuse, drugs and prostitution are the order of the day to make the unbearable somewhat bearable. The misery of children alienates us. "You can't do anything about it anyway". These are some of the statements. You try to calm your conscience. We live in a safe country and can give our children an optimal start in life. The children don't get a chance in the slums of Kibera.

We visitedBeatrice Marongo, directorof theFruitful Talent Center, a kind of boarding school in Kibera. It is a poor building made of plywood and corrugated iron, but the colorful paintwork makes it stand out from the rusty monotonous Kiberas. There is a bedroom for the 13 boys and one for the 18 girls, with three-story bunk beds. The roof is running down. When it rains at night, the children - especially those in the top bunk beds and those on the mats on the floor - have to be covered with plastic sheeting. In the backyard they take turns cooking for the whole community. There is a classroom where everyone is taught together.

How does PnCG support the “Fruitful Talent Center” life raft?

With our modest means, we convert the building inconspicuously so that the children can sleep dry. We also donate cooking utensils that make it easier for the approx. 31 children and four supervisors or teachers to eat. We also provide school documents. All of this is a drop in the bucket. It is, however, a hope and a place to stay for the street children who are present. The children are taught. Learn to read and write. However, our modest means are by no means sufficient to move what we have set ourselves the goal.

Our donations are almost always donations in kind, as money is by no means safe in Kibera. Even donations in kind should not attract attention in order not to attract unwanted workers. We are fortunate that our donations arrive directly and are used wisely. It is moving to see how the street children in the life raft“Fruitful Talent Center” are happy about the smallest donations. Let's give them a chance!

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